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The patented Basroc Panel System is a complete external wall cladding solution that provides a continuous layer of insulation which is perfect for your house or commercial premises.

Basroc Solution

The new generation of tech building.

The patented Basroc External Wall Cladding System provides a solution which is lightweight, fire resistant, has excellent thermal performance and noise reduction qualities while also being water resistant and vapour permeable.






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Our System is Building it right

Discover peace of mind in construction with Basroc – where precision meets innovation. Our system ensures you’re building it right the first time, combining strength, safety, and cutting-edge technology for lasting excellence.

Embark on a construction journey with Basroc, where our commitment to quality craftsmanship transforms your vision into a structural masterpiece. Join countless satisfied builders who trust Basroc.


The Basroc External Wall Cladding System is a patented technology – meaning the benefits of our product are a result of Basroc’s unique two-sided mesh design.

Experience the Basroc Panel System

Your all-encompassing solution for external wall cladding. Our customer-centric approach ensures your home benefits from a fire-resistant, water-repellent, and sound-absorbent shield, offering seamless insulation throughout your residential space.

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Guiding Your Vision

Have a question or inquiry about Basroc’s innovative Panel System? We’re here to help! Our dedicated team will get back to you promptly to provide the information you need for your building project.

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The new generation of tech building.

The Basroc Panel System is a complete external wall cladding solution that is fire resistant water-repellent and sound absorbent solution that provides a continuous layer of insulation around the residential building envelope.

Breathable (Vapour Permeable) Reflective or Non-Reflective Builders Paper
Basroc Flashing Tape
Basroc Panel
Basroc System Screw Fixings
Basroc Aluminium or PVC External Angles
Jointing Adhesive; Basroc Professional Firestop
Baroc Fibreglass Mesh
Basroc Panel Render
Basroc Texture (tintable)
Sealant (by builder) around windows, penetrations, control joints & where Basroc & other substrate meet
Our Product

Comprehensively Tested

The Basroc Panel External Wall Cladding System has undergone significant independent testing to confirm the suitability of the system to the performance requirements if the National Construction Code (NCC2022).

Volumes 1 & 2 and is approved for used in building types 1 & 10 and 2 – 9. The system has achieved CodeMark™ certification providing complete assurance that it is approved for use by building authorities across Australia and New Zealand.

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providing the highest quality products and service.

When installed and maintained correctly the Basroc Panel Render System comes with a 7 year warranty. Basroc Pty Ltd warrant that products used within our system are free from defects and faulty workmanship.


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What is the Basroc Panel System?

The Basroc Panel System is an advanced external wall cladding solution designed for residential and commercial buildings. It offers a complete insulation layer while being fire-resistant, water-repellent, and sound-absorbent.

How does Basroc prioritise safety in its Panel System?

Safety is paramount at Basroc. Our Panel System undergoes rigorous testing to ensure compliance with industry standards. It is engineered with fire-resistant materials and designed to meet stringent safety requirements.

What environmental benefits does the Basroc Panel System provide?

Basroc is committed to sustainability. Our Panel System is crafted with environmentally friendly materials, contributing to energy efficiency and reduced environmental impact throughout its lifecycle.

Is the Basroc Panel System suitable for both residential and commercial buildings?

Absolutely. The versatility of the Basroc Panel System makes it an ideal choice for both residential and commercial applications. Its adaptability ensures effective insulation and aesthetic appeal across various building types.

How does Basroc support builders in the installation process?

Basroc prioritizes ease-of-installation. We provide comprehensive installation guidelines and support to builders. Additionally, our team is available for any inquiries, ensuring a smooth and efficient installation process for our Panel System.

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